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Feeling the terror of a Taser at my back–my mind and body recoil nightly

Frank M. Canton, former Sheriff of Johnson Cou...

Frank M. Canton, former Sheriff of Johnson County, was hired to lead the band of Texas killers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was Tasered in the back several years ago–and it was caught on camera. And I sued, and settled for an
undisclosed amount–I just couldn’t handle any more pain at that time; more emotional pain, emotional rape,
really–by police state agents and their police enablers. After all, they have only increased their assaults on me every time I go public.

But the police and their sycophants rationalize their cowardly actions–and even publish studies to justify their impulsive back shooting cowardice!

Of course, note that in their study, ‘suspects were armed with guns–and i was, as usual, unarmed (oh, yeah00they always try to implicate my pocket knife, as the record will show–as if a pocketknofe is akin to a homicide wrteaking forearm, or a bomb. What ever happened to Scouts Honor???)

Heres some pud in your eyes, you cowards…

Wild Bill Hickok

Wild Bill Hickok (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What saved me that night from several more jolts was me telling them that they were on camera. Their own, my friends, and my hip-strapped Canon.

And it has been a war on my cameras ever since–they script out attacks and execute them on my cameras; they have beaten me and ‘acted for the camera’ and tried to make it appear theat I am ‘resisting arrest ( all records up to then clearly show I have NEVER resisted arrest).

So–now, I am an actor in a drama I did not ask for–and they like to fancy themselves as the directors of justice–rather than the fearful cowardly Democracy subverting criminals that they are.

As I recall now, it was three zaps that put me down, and kept me

And when I sat in that squad car with the newest incarnation of the police state, stereotype based brotherhood/sister and black partnerhood, (yes, they DID in fact treat me quite decently) they never once used their little imaginations enough to listen, and perhaps question the story that some wannabe squeezed into their ears–and they never acknowledged my counter complaint at all.

Which of course, leads one to acknowledge the complicity of police in such COWARDLY actions( accompanied now by video of some more of your own gang stalking me that very night).

Once upon a time–in the movies, in the cowboy novels of men like Louis L’Amour, and EVERYWHERE ELSE in the
CIVILIZED WORLD–shooting a man in the back was the ultimate, reprehensible, and irrefutable act of COWARDS.

But not today: it is the new ‘normal’ (shout out to you window sill slobbering Conformals).

Yes–police today condone, and cooperate with people who shoot others in the back– all of our ‘western heros’ like
Wild Bill Hickock, and so forth who were murdered or were shot in the back by snivelling cowards, often those who thought they were on the right side of the law, or who knowingle did illegal things hoping the law would protect them–and like the Johnson
County War, where a huge crowd of cattle ranchers led by a law breaking cop murdered a lone sheep herder (yes, I was a sheep herder once)–the cowardice of the gang stalking ‘normal’ people is unchecked in my society.

And worst of all? There is no recourse–no justice, when those who are paid to enforce the law, collaborate with cowards. I was charged with “disorderly conduct after being shot in the back–and my possessions were stolen–disorderly is the hail Mary pass of all police setups and malicious prosecutions–and then let go the following day after the ‘law’ obtained illegal ‘evidence’ of one kind or another.

I then sued–but not before I first wrote a flyer, and posted it where the cowards, and their police allies could see it–right in front of the place where I WAS TASED IN THE BACK, IN THE MIDDLE OF A PUBLIC STREET.

And gee whizz, did the Gangstalkers get horny–they called me incessantly that first day afterwards. Cops can’t hide their inflections–informed by the voice patterns of their superiors, that quasi military hard jawed speech that they ALL have– and wanted to know ‘is it a class action lawsuit?’; ‘ Are you suing both the department and the security guards?’; ‘How many of you are involved in the lawsuit?’

Typical cop/coward CYA/probing questions, really–they knew their game was busted–that game preying upon the homeless at the nearby shelter; that game of missing real lawbreakers (all those white kids who come downtown from the suburbs to
beat up lone individuals, or to puke in the streets their mommies and daddies ‘paid for’…

Well–those questions–all CYA questions, probing questions, deceptive from the impetus–and easily identified as law enforcement ‘types’ who are in CYA mode. For what it’s worth? I have them on film too–provided BY THEM as due course of my lawsuit. They were there shortly before I was Tasered IN THE BACK.

I have no doubt there was collusion.

Well, anyways–here I am, one more night–petrified to live, and petrified to leave my house–and flashing back hard. Feeling stifled and electrocuted–It hasn’t left since then for sure, and yet their are other events that happened BEFORE that, that kept me from living as well.

I hope someone shoots these people in the fucking face some day. And misses their brains–just enough of a shot to fuck up their face, and nothing more-because then, they won’t be able to lie to anyone anymore, won’t be able to ‘look someone in the face’ and talk all those lies about freedom and justice, and how they are the ‘good guys/gals”–they aren’t: they are the collusive and subversive agents of torture and social control that has led our nation to accept the murder of some 100, 000 middle eastern kids as ‘the new normal’–while asking me ‘ what’s all that electronic gear in your bag’ after they TASED ME IN THE BACK, right here, in “America”.

Fuck them–or shoot them in the face.

I of course, would only do that if a full fledged Second American Revolution took place, and that is not the case right now, or will ever be–this country is sold and bought so frequently that revolution is impossible.

But a fellah can dream, can’t he?

Fuck them–with their own AR15’s and all those other false penises that they play with daily. And doubly fuck any
woman who goes along for the ride–those bitches are the reason Democracy has been defeated here in the ‘land of
the free’.

The entire nation has been justified based on the fears that white women would be raped. killed, or enslaved–while
millions die every year thereafter to uphold them.

There are no more American Heroes–just baby killers with clever PR. And they shoot people in the back, too.


This is my second attempt to publish this same post tonight–the first attemp had me hitting the reload button, the ‘publish’ button, etc several times–and all this while my connection ( a stable connection that is ‘not my own’ had it’s name–SSID– changed, and the signal was going haywire from neg 21 to neg 81, despite the wifi sitting right next to me.)769 still reports as none, despite having NO PROBLEM before publishing--AND my post still does not publish.....

Is prior restraint of IDEAS protected law enfarcement activity now?

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