No offense intended–but really? Shredders? Why?

Straight from the horses mouth, we see that somehow, document shredding is part of the culture of policing at the highest levels: the FBI task forces employ DOCUMENT SHREDDERS as part of routine operations.

Sure–one could make the argument that things like old editions of Playboy magazine used during covert Ops should be discarded–but other than that? I can’t see any realistic, law enforcement securing, evidence preserving reason to have a DOCUMENT SHREDDER around.

But apparently, these guys, and these guys NEED evidence shredders to “protect” US.

SIOC promotes flexibility, and has the ability to configure its space to:

Gee, back to walmart–I need to keep up with these guys, and the nefarious methods they employ to restrict the nature of their evidentiary process. AND to buy another ‘backup power generating’ source before they cut my electricity off–AGAIN!

I mean–who wants to be the next david Koresh, with your ass on fire, screaming ” I was told you are the GOOD GUYS!–why are you sending pyrotechnics into my childrens BEDROOMS????????????”

Ouch. It hurts to even imagine that those most entrusted to “protect US” actually are willing, and more than able to kill us and our children...for the sake of “good PR”.

J.Edgar must be rolling in his/her grave right now, stymied that he can’t jack off to the videos of burning children at WACO. ANd that he didn’t even HAVE a shredder that he could use to destroy all of his gay cross dressing porn before he died.

Oh, that’s right: he had a loyal, cuckolded secretary to do that for him.

“Plausible deniability ain’t just a river in Egypt.”


One thought on “No offense intended–but really? Shredders? Why?

  1. […] noted elsewhere, the FBI, et al use document shredders in their clandestine operations–which, of course, […]

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