Apparently, I don’t exist!

I changed the name of this blog to “moreusefulthansuicide” just yesterday.

In the past. I was able to see that change in less than an hour on other wordpress blogs, elsewhere in cyberspace, but”somehow” this one doesn’r show up after almost 24 hours!

so, I can only imagine that I do not exist–this really is all a dream–a nightmare of sorts, really, and existence is ‘beyond the folds of the blackhole that is cyberwar”.

Or something life sucking like that.

Either way, here is a screen shot of my non-existence, preceding an e-mail to my lawyer.



One thought on “Apparently, I don’t exist!

  1. […] hampered by direct NSA/ US gov’t redirection, covert routing,  and basic browser hacks–my blog, this thing you are looking at now, has at the time of this writing–these very words–been delayed from publishing by over […]

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