An ode to hooded people: its their right to wear Hoods! On the other side of darkness, also, to drink Iced tea.

As noted elsewhere, I have been under a variety of attacks for decades, and many times, these gangs of attackers wear hoods.

The wearing of the hood is notoriously associated with many things: judges in the medieval era, the Inquistion; executioners, street criminals, and the Ku Klux Klan–the notorious racist organization that ran America for a 1/3 of it’s tenure as a ‘free nation’.

Today, the Klan is less visible, and even Black americans and others buy in to Klan like ideologies of social control, by creating different ‘classes’ of discriminated people who can then be ‘victimized and nullified.”

As if their isn’t enough “freedom” to go around…maybe the 275# black girls in the police infrastructure hate me these days( i mean: why let that 400# front line white boy sock you in the arm down there in Chi when you surrounded me with all your combined fatness at the ashtray? That would qualify as sex harassment to most self respecting women–what’s wrong with you, HS girl? but i remember loving them long time, and even busting out my famous Virginia style dirty greens for you!…Fuck that town–and all of its Mississippi bred pigs. Your pork stinks, and your smoke is light–really light).

Sometimes, hoods are even worn by working class people, and kids who need to secure their persons from unreasonable police brutality, stop and frisks, and, sometimes, cold weather or rain…

The Klan was affiliated, and some say organized and run by, police, and their Fraternal organizations; and their power extended all the way up to the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

Thee days, the hoodie is remaking itself. On one hand, children of all ethnicities who are followed, profiled, or murdered in cities all over America wear the hoodie to disguise themselves from perpetrators.

Others, like the gangstalkers, and other police affiliated persons, wear them to disguise themselves while disabling security cameras, or while stalking public sidewalks and trying to infiltrate peoples minds, or intimidate witnesses who could later identify them for what they are: the new incarnation of the Klan, with a less ‘racist’ bent, and a more Constitution subverting ‘fascist’ one masquerading in the thin disguise of ‘justice’. Or is that Just Us?

Either way, one recent case of police related homicide of a child–the case of Trayvon Martin, a kid who kicked a stalkers ass and was shot to death for it–involves hoods, on both sides of the fascist/racist divide.

And the good news is? Jurors will be able to see the un-hooded faces of the “witnesses” who will testify “for” the murderer of a child: a child who had no gun, no knife, and no drugs in his pockets, only Skittles and an iced tea for his little brother.

The police, who already enjoy privileges of anonymity, unaccountability, immunity from prosecution for notorious crimes against persons–LOVE the hoodie. It’s in their DNA. But they lost a battle in Florida, because even as police and their de facto social agents sought to “mask” witnesses for the defense of a child murderer, justice prevailed.

Witnesses who want to hide their identities as they seek to condone child murder will be SEEN for what they are: false testimony in defense of a racist, ploice state pandering child murderer

Book ’em Danno. The Klan, its supporters, and corrupt police who break the law, or try to unduly corrupt, influence, or redirect the chain of evidence, and tamper with witnesses to that chain of custody in the minds of ‘the people’ just needs’ to go. And the hoodie is just soooo obvious these days as a disguise that it flags you every time. Try a nice sweater or something “normal.

You ppl get “normal” right? You’re so Conformal…

Reminds me of a conversation I overheard once: a large, brown haired guy in a bad suit pulls up to a house in a dark Blue Impala, with a clipboard in his hand, and a conversation straight out of “witness tampering 101″…


Unlike slick Hollywood popularizations of the period, such as Alan Parker’s film, “Mississippi Burning,” the FBI was instrumental in building the Ku Klux Klan in the South,

“…setting up dozens of Klaverns, sometimes being leaders and public spokespersons. Gary Rowe, an FBI informant, was involved in the Klan killing of Viola Liuzzo, a civil rights worker. He claimed that he had to fire shots at her rather than ‘blow his cover.’ One FBI agent, speaking at a rally organized by the Klavern he led, proclaimed to his followers, ‘We will restore white rights if we have to kill every negro to do it.'””

LINKS:(you can Google these same links and see who recently viewed these stories–and subpoena my IP if you are really desperate at this point–or just issue another NSL! You transparent setup fucks):


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