Then, there’s this guy and his behemoth 350# butties who disabled my security cameras recently.

Just a teaser for those who tasered me in the back one night, out of the blue, in the middle of a public street while I was walking home one night–cowards each and every one of them.

This pic shows the face of a one of them who broke in to my house one night and disabled security cameras, deleted SD cards from other security cameras, and left finger prints AND recovered images (preserved elsewhere in my trove of documentation of decades of break-ins). They always wear hoodies, and carry backpacks. Maybe they are honoring Trayvon Martin, or one of the many other victims of a police state that is out of control?

And there’s more,  lots more…03473000

Imagine living like that for several decades? This is nothing new to me–it has formed my state of mind at all times–those who lurk and entrap, and violate the very tenets of moral or ethical behavior. Worse, they steal, and tamper with my evidence against them. I do my best to recover from it, and I keep backups when possible.

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4 thoughts on “Then, there’s this guy and his behemoth 350# butties who disabled my security cameras recently.

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