Psychic driving, and other illegal police mechanisms used TODAY on the internet

Bill Clinton apologized for Project MKULTRA in 1993  (apologies that this link is fucked–somehow….the internet is on a 7 to 10 second delay tonight…hmmmm.. seven seconds can be a lifetime, when in a state of war, or when a person is under siege by agents of the police state–in this case, robotic ‘programs’ installed along te backbone of the internet that redirect my internet connection to government switches, and at times, actual people who are employed to delay or otherwise alter my thinking patterns at any cost…)

Project MKULTRA, et al was a heinous abuse of state power; a child raping, mind fucking, syphilitic inducement of a program that stole lives, and minds and worse, it put the United States of America on the map as the “inheritors of Nazi torture;Nazi experimentation; and Nazi social control techniques.

While all of these illegal programs were overseen by Sidney Gottlieb, it was in the work of  Donald Ewen Cameron, the man who diagnosed an entire nation, Germany,  with a mental illness–where America found a home for some of it’s most egregious social experiments (the ones we now know about after the CIA burned the majority of the records).

A dithered photograph of Donald Ewen Cameron.

A dithered photograph of Donald Ewen Cameron. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How one person can diagnose a nation of people is a mystery I will never solve–much less how the American Psychiatric Association, et al could buy in to such a diagnoses–but if it IS possible, maybe those same could put modern America on the couch, and soon?

Because the nation has become a hungry zombie eating the brains, and the hearts and the children of other nations for breakfast in order to ‘fuel’ it’s need for oil–and America operates with a situational morality that only Hitler and other euthanizing, mind controlling, ethnic cleansers and mass killers before it could justify (Hitler, like Stalin, Mao, and others were ironically guided by the teachings of Jewish philosophers like Freud, Marx, and public relations gurus like Edward Bernay’s and Walter Lippman, who gave him the basic format for widespread  control through the manipulation of the mind.)

And when the war was over, and the Zionists won, Cameron was the USA’s psychology go to guy at the Nuremberg trials, and later, he was responsible for various activities that used unwitting human subjects–American citizens and others– as torture victims–all under the guise of National Security, and legitimate government/ CIA research. In fact, he gave us the first CIA two step torture guidelines.

I bring this up as a short form to discuss things that ARE HAPPENING NOW in America, and how it affects us all. Mass shooters are the common example, and conspiracy theories are rife with that, but there are very few people standing up to document in real time government attempts to do these same things to them.

I am one of those–a documentarian. I have actual, decades long anecdotes, evidence, and other documentary material that points to a war that has been waged covertly, on American shores, and on unwitting American citizens who are engaged in free speech, or other Constitutional isues, for at least the last ten years, and how it actually works–what it actually looks like targeted at individuals.

Satar Jabar attached to electrical shocking de...

Now: I too occasionally get hooked into one detail or another of the various conspiracy theories of the left and right wings (remember when Hillary gave us that phrase to work with?), but often find myself debunking the same details after I get suckered in–which does not alter my knowledge that the basic fact is our government is ‘driving’ individuals to commit crimes, and they are using the internet–delivered like a needle into our brains, to do it.

Not at all unlike the MKULTRA programs, it was innocent and unwilling subjects whose lives and futures were usurped so that the police state/military industrial complex could feign a concern for the greatest good for the greatest number–but the reality is, dissenters, the mentally ill, and so forth are the targets of these new, retooled and even more widespread and even more illegal programs.

Here is one persons take* on the ‘interconnections’ of it all, and as it applies today to the Adam Lanza Sandy Hook mass shooting:

“Whatever MK-ULTRA is called today – since we know it still exists after seeing the Abu Ghraib Prison photos – it must be shut down forever or the murderous nightmare will go on and on. And mind-altering drugs are not just for sinister purposes, since at least 60 percent of U.S. children are on a pharmaceutical dosages long before they can learn how to think. Even parents act as mind-controllers against their own kids.”

So–Cameron had two basic ideas that are in place today at every level: 1) he believed that society could, and should be ‘formed and controlled,’ and that the ‘mentally ill’ shoul be segregated from the society that he was atemting to build at the request of our government.

This is ironic beyond words–because this is EXACTLY what Hitler believed as well!

2) Cameron and his experiments–like electric shock therapy, sensory deprivation (which is the basis of what went on and is still going on in American prisons, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, and so forth–but it is ALSO the basis of waterboarding.)

What Cameron caled depatterning, we today call it Psychic Driving, and it is an integral mechanism that is widely used today by the FBI, DHS, ICE, NSA, and local police forces to create cases, and drive political, and social agendas that define our country.

And, we have outsourced MKULTRA as well:

” The psychic driving procedure was a chronological precursor to Cameron’s depatterning, the latter involving massive doses of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) combined with similarly large doses of psychedelic drugs (such as LSD). The intent was to break down the subject’s personality — theoretically psychic driving could then be used with some efficacy in establishing a new personality.Similar techniques are alleged to have been used in the kidnapping and death of CIA operative William Francis Buckleyby Aziz al-Abub, a medical doctor from Beirut who was seen as epitomizing medical torture. Aziz al-Abub, also known as Ibrahim al-Nadhir, was known for using his medical training to refine torture techniques. His techniques were shown to be closely connected to the CIA-developed torture techniques..”

In the thin disguise of “justice and freedom” the US adopted a mindset that allowed the government to operate on two fronts beyond overt and covert: on one hand, we were the inheritors of victory over oppression and torture, and rape, and wholesale murder of freedom.

And on the other, we were the inheritors of the exact tools of social control that allowed those things to happen.  Enter Project Paperclip, Project Monarch, Project MKULTRA…and Bluebird-the sexual slavery of CHILDREN, by the slaver–the United States Government! We were the inheritors OF torture, in all of its manifestations and abuses.

Unthinkable-despicable, and particularly disturbing: it that this is the modern construct covertly guides policing in America today, in 2013.

No one that I know of has yet has yet made the connection between the methods of MKULTRA, which was declared illegal and inhumane, and modern American police psychological control and tactics of entrapment at the local state and federal levels of ‘crime control’ (ooops: the internet is on “slowdown” mode AGAIN tonight. Every single time I write about these things, I get the mind bending “delay” in connection speed, and the body/brain/thought altering slowdown in my written content.) (one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three all the way up to one thousand seven for every thought that I try to express here, now, as you read this–this is the actual delay in my words connecting to the internet. Sad state of affairs)

Here’s a snapshot of this interent state–non-inclusive of all the facts:

Wiresharks Opinion on Mind Control

But anyways–MKULTRA and its mad, Nazi allied scientists had one objective: social control; and that control exerted itself by attempting to ally itself, or otherwise infiltrate and sabotage original thought, or nullify dissent.

So, tonight, just for fun, here is a tutorial on mind control–and youo yourself can extrapolate whatever you want to from it.

But “psychic driving” , a technique of MKULTRA, has become one of the myriad tools available to the “law enforcement community” to create Manchurian type candidates for whatever propaganda purpose they are currently “driving” into the American psyche.

Again–I emphasize–the last thought, and this one, were delayed by approximately seven seconds between the time I typed it, and the time that WordPress registered it. This is much better than years ago-as documented elsewhere–when it often took minutes to publish such thoughts. Mind control and those who ATTEMPT to use it works like that: it/they depend upon the disruption of natural mental/biological processes to disrupt the mind. And that can be destructive, on so many levels–seven seconds i the time it can take to pull a trigger on a machine gun and kill a schoolyard full of kids; or rob a bank; or commit suicide.

And your government and its hidden police provocateurs depends upon that small, repeated, and incessant time frame to make whatever case it is that they are trying to make. But mind you: whoever falls into this trap (think the “Joker” in Colorado, or that kid in New hampshire; or Tim McVeigh) is fairly doomed, unless they speak out about it first.

In seven seconds, the world can change forever–and your job is to make sure that you document the time frame, and backup your experience. Because if you don’t–they win.

But don’t ask me! Ask these guys (and you can find thousands more like it all over the net):

And don’t forget this last, most important aspect of “free speech,” psychic driving, and internet policing/de facto unwarranted privacy invasion; here are two screenshots of what happened when I tried to publish this post!

No data received-again No Data

* I say one persons take on it because Rense and his team, as well as guys like Alex Jones of and are often deeply or overly involved in conspiracy ‘theory’, and/or themselves are deep cover CIA, or just disinformation campaigners. But that doesn’t make them entirely wrong, and they do ask hard questions.

This post was updated from the original on 10/15/2013, and ironically, the internet slowdowns, etc. ARE NOT in place at this time, and have not neen operative for nearly a month, which tells me that I am directly routed to my primary audience…

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