Lie, Cheat, and Steal are all taught in the Police Academy!

I happened upon this odd little news feature–

Understanding the 10 Most Destructive Human Behaviors

I hate those click through articles that make you click on ten pages, instead of putting all of the info on one page (it’s kind of dishonest…).

But I couldn’t help but notice that of the 10 things listed, 6 of them are taught in the police academy to EVERY SINGLE RECRUIT! What a group of winners indeed…

Lie: a fundamental police trait, often employed when on the stand testifying against citizens; AND, many of them study how to beat lie detector tests, because their employment, advancement, and other “opportunities” depend upon it.

Crave violence: obviously, you can’t teach someone to ‘crave’ violence–but it is a fundamental criterion of those who chose the profession. Adrenalin rush, anyone? And they use citizens to create that rush. Kind of sick–or TONS OF FUCKING SICK??

Steal: Minneapolis Gang Strike Force, anyone?

Cheat: Have you ever read a police report from a “disorderly conduct arrest” that was leveled at a citizen? These are the hail Mary Pass of all false charges–when they can’t prove a case, or need to pull a CYA, this is the charge of choice for all of them. It can also create enough disturbance while eliminating a witness that other agencies can disturb a “crime scene” or plant/destroy evidence against them…

Bully: Been Gangstalked lately? Or strip searched on the roadside after a traffic stop? These are the new “Redsquad” tactics employed against activists, and others who speak out against police misconduct–and often, just innocent bystanders.

Roadside Body Cavity Search: Angel And Ashley Dobbs Sue Texas State Troopers For Body Search (VIDEO)

Sress out: No brainer–some say policing is a high stress job, while others say that cops are adrenalin junkies who prey upon the vulnerable for their fix.Not to mention what a rush it must be when they set someone up for a crime, or collaborate on a cover-up. Makes me wanna be a victim of more police brutality! It is soooo much less stressful, apparently.

Gossip: Policing, by its very nature is the action of creating “buzz”–gossip that has an “official” source. In journalism “official sources” are increasingly coming under fire, because official sources lie, and use the press for their own purposes, rather than the purposes of the people at large (they use the newspapers to plant lies and disinformation, as well as to gain a propaganda advantage over whatever class of people has been deemed ‘enemies of the state’.

But you can read the rest if you follow the link above–but I would say that if 60% of the worst things people can do are part of your job? You might want to reconsider your job choices–or your innate character….


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One thought on “Lie, Cheat, and Steal are all taught in the Police Academy!

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