“It’s for the Children”.The rallying cry that has replaced Patriotism as the new thing for child killing cowards to hide behind.

What follows below is an event that is recurring, and an event that persists every time I write ( as documented elsewhere)

Today, while writing and using the internet(blogging), I was attempting to research and finalize research about the topic of America using depleted uranium on children in Iraq, and to access photos of those children.

My intention was to use contrast to point out the hypocrisy of America claiming to protect children from exploitation, when in fact America censors the view of itself as a primary abuser of children; hides statistics about cancer rates under WHO gobbledy gook etc., while redirecting our social view towards the idea of child sex slavery and exploitation of women and children ( most of whom are in countries where America, Americas armies, and American leaders have waged brutal wars).

The sad joke of America warning children via leaflets to be careful to not step on any bombsotherwise America cannot protect them. Fuck, what bloody irony.

As I began to write, around 5 p.m., the internet in the public cafe( which will be named later for reasons of the fact that I am at all times unsure how much if what I write of a personal nature, with identifying details of times places, events can be stolen and manipulated later by government hackers or destroyed as evidence to vindicate whatever nefarious charge shall be laid against me)) worked fine.

Shortly after getting my piece worked out, I began to blog it–I created a new blog this day as my others arer often under attack–the computer screen flashing, freezing, redirecting as I try to publish or edit my work online–and my connection was taken offline; my icon showed me I had been disconnected. My network and sharing center tyold me I waqs not connected; I tried but could not re-connect.

And then, two cops showed up. The first one older–maybe 56 or so, mustache, blues sat down. Cop two came in and cop one said “are you sure you want to sit there with your back to…” and trailed off. I looked up, and noticed his icy stare in jmy direction–we narrowly missed eye contact–and then they began to speak about computer related events in their lives “spent all day working on the security website,” etc and “I figured out I have more time if I just shut it off…”

I then got up, packed up, and left, noticing the squad car numbers–XXX and XXX. One was in the lot and one on the curb; one was a standard Vic, the other an SUV ( explorer or blazer type??) I assumed one was a commander andthe other a beat cop.

This is not unusual when I try to write–whole half-hours go by where I am in the middle of a thought, or a post, when suddenly the connection is cut, freezes, or redirects; and then cops start milling around, showing up and circling by.

AS I left another shop yesterday, I noticed a black and white sitting on the curb across the street, and it pulled off after I walked out. It had a ‘visual’ on me from its vantage point.

It’s maddening, and has been happening for years–to who do you protest?? Is it in my heAD? wHICH IS WHY i BEGAN TO INVOLVE OTHERS, many of whom look at me like I am crazy; others who at least confirm that the public access has suddenly gone down, become slow, or other.

However what is most striking for me is that this form of haraSSMENT ACTS AS A PRIOR RESTRAINT against thought itself! This sort of surveillance if such it can be called, causes the mind to shut down, redirect, or blow circuits.Worse, it stops ideasd and their publication–by prior restraint of the mind itself.

In the maddening interuptions, whole thoughts, concepts, correlations and ideas get lost. In the one click that says ‘publish’ whole stories get stolen; in the 60 seconds where they are hanging up a link, whole concepts and story ideas–well crafted phrases, and cleverly written correlations are erased from the mind due to the frustration at their interference.

I begin to wonder if the cities own public wi-fi isn’t actually a wired ether-sniffing network designed to eradicate originality, and assault thought and expression itself; is the city tapping into open access wifi? Thatwopuld redefine police powers, and once again assault the notion of privacy.

Ironically, I don’t always use non-keyed public wifi and prefer places that have aty least WPA; but even there as I have written before, the same problems occur. Is it me, or is it them> For now all I have is this and other scant records–who can devote their life to collecting evidence against gang-stalkers? Not me.

So i finished my writing at another cafe across town. I got almost 40 minutes of un-fucked-with internet–and then, while making a comparison between Americas and its FBI’s hypocrisy on child exploitation ( comparing boys who still die from Americas 40 year old bombs with girls who may or may not be child prostitutes, but who the FBI slathers all over at the thought) whammo! internet freeze, page popping like a DOS attack as soon as I hit publish; as soon as I search for data about this hypocrisy.

Kablooey! Firefox freezeup when I try to link to the site with the pictures of uranium-deformed babies in Iraq, and the horrified parents holding babies whose guts and groins, and eyeballs were outside their bodies when they were born. Apparently, these images are forbidden in America…
That cafe is on (…) and after a half hour freeze, I was finally able to publish–but not before disconnected from that wifi for awhile, and finally changed my mac. Who knows what they would have tried if I stayed on any longer: but I remember what shit their redirects and screen freezes used to send me, what garbage they used to do when I was not anonymous–if I am at all even now.

Speech itself is re-formed by their actions; the intention of ideas is deformed by their actions; and the will of a writer to act for the actual good of the world is redirected into cesspools on FBI, NSA, and CIA servers.I write this in the hopes that it will reveal the potentially illegal actions of these cowards.

They have stolen my writing for years, and now I have learned to waste god knows how many hours trying to avoid them, trying to document at the very least a few of their abuses–but I will not waste my life becoming a victim of their obstruction of thoughts, and their interuptions of my writing.My reward is to be gang-stalked, and harassed, until my mind–theonly thing I really have–becomes filled with them and their garbage, and hypocrisy.

I would gladly write for free for any foreign nation that opposes this one. And i suspect that actual freedom has been exported there–I would gladly change my citizenship to a nation that does not promote police brutality, mind control, or Stasi methodology. ANd maybe give me  job instead of gangstalking me, and forcing their labels and attempts at false charges down my throat year after year. Productivity is an important step on the pyramid to self actualization–and the things I write about are forbidden here in America–and thus I am hunted constantly to the point of mental breakdowns .

To the best of my knowlege, North Korea, China, Venzuela, Cuba, Laos, Viet Nam, etc have no depleted uranium dumps to hide from the world–and no more child prostitutes and no more exploited people than this one; but we have a nation of propagandists who deny the truth; and pigs sucking at my brain to create another used up mind to fill a prison bed–America has more people in prison than all of those countries combined, and at least as many murder victims, and censored thoughts.

And i suspect that China, or any other non-US manipulated nation could find me a job in their critical infrastructure as a ‘pundit’ and a patriot, instead of a scapegoat for treacherous US domestic crime stat manipulation…


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