Many people believe–rightly or wrongly in most cases, that the police are here to “protect and serve” the public. They are not–because their main ‘drive’ is to earn a paycheck through the appearance of doing that thing which is merely a meme-based repetition of noble intention–protecting and serving the public.

They are in fact, ‘invested parties’ to the creation of a political and social perception–a tool of control, and subjugation of the mind, and their main audience are those who are invested as they are, gullible to simplistic versions of reality, or too fearful of reprisal to speak out.

But this simple and noble meme/ idiom disguises a more erroneous assumption that can only be known if we peel back the layers of “altruistic”intention: all altruism is based primarily in self interest–in selfish desire or need that is disguised in the rhetoric of “the greater good”.

And few people benefit from a union represented paycheck better than cops–while most workers unions have gone bust, and been defeated by the union busters, the police unions are stronger than ever, while factory workers and McDonalds burger flippers remain unrepresented.

In fact, it is a known marker of human genetics studies that altruism is a false construct (despite some debate by the religiously affected)–that there is no “altruism gene,” and even infants who exhibit sharing behavior do so in order to gain something that is more desirable to them than the something they are willing to trade.

Such is the case with the meme: the party espousing it is trading on several levels. Negotiating the position of the meme into a place where it is accepted as “true” on its face, or, by the fairly primitive mechanism of “democratic ideals” accepted as true by the ‘majority’ of people.

And all of that at gunpoint, with the implicit use of force, coercion, or official slander cocked and loaded against anyone who might point that out.

And even then,it is still a false construct, like “race” a construct for which police forces around America were mobilized to enforce: racist laws, and biased sentences continue to this day across the country, though the ‘greater good for the greatest number’ is a recently shifting demographic.

And–if indeed their was any protection of citizens involved in the job,police forces everywhere would be prioritizing the elimination of police corruption, brutality, and apathy to social rot, rather than pandering to politics, the wealthy, and having their union stewards reinstating their protected privileges year after year; decade after decade on technicalities and kinship group based loyalties no matter how much they offend.

But there are predictors of which officers are most prone to violence and graft,  vice, and brutality or other misconduct cloaked in fraternity/sorority

Too bad all that self-interest disguised as noble intention gets in the way of them actually screening for it, or, especially, examining the ones among them who “pass” for righteous, with blemish free records (as noted in the literature cited and elsewhere when describing pathological liars, narcissists, and psychopaths) when in fact unlike the ones prone to drinking and rowdiness, the blemish free are quite likely the true sociopaths, walking in the disguise of being “the good guys”.

Because it is these “good guys” who actively seek to create “bad guys” by recruiting others ionto their self interested schemes of hand to mouth paycheck munching, and career advancement. And it is this, most of all, that is a systemic problem with policing: because it creates crime, rather than ‘solving’ it.



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