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Minute by minute psychic driving: resist, record, and report.

Anti-American Protests Liu Kai e

Anti-American Protests Liu Kai e (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yup-that new AP is sooo clever, guys. “Not the FBI Monitoring Van”. Straight out of Wired’s “cute AP names for script kiddies” guide.

Fucking dickless morons. And I am “not a TI, subjected to decades of your shenanigans, harassment, breakins, and mind-numbing internet ping pong, trying to gather the IP’s of your less than legal programs(stored elsewhere, in solid state)”–remember all those times you guys tried to sell me missiles, or convince me that you were really Saudi princes? all that redirection could make a person crazy–or just incredibly pissed off.

Those epic stings where you tried to tie me to terrorists like Moussaoui, or Warsame? Amateur hour, really. I would have helped in ways you could never imagined(your brains are so stiflingly black and white..)–but you don’t want help, do you? You want contrived cases, promotions, and attention grabbing phony causes to pilfer the sensibility of the dulled American mind with, right?

yeah–me too…

I had most of it on a good old fashioned wire then–a body mounted tape recorder–(though I am willing to consider that it was other agencies that did those breakins from 1998 to 2013, stole X and X, and maybe–just maybe, you are interested in busting some local pork who operate outside the law).

But I doubt it. You have worked so hard to set me up on scandalous charges over thesedecades that it seems less than likely that you are anything less than co-optional.

So, I hope someone shoots you in the metaphorical face, soon (yes, I caught your newsplant on that). But, of course, I am non-violent, and would NEVER do such a thing, or be legally misconstrued to advocate for such things–and I maintain my rights to just ‘wish on a star’ in your behalf–one can dream, can’t we? Or do you have that written off as turreriss’s activity too?

Now go pee in your popcan, get laughed at by your butty there in the drivers seat, and try hard not to wag it on the shag carpet of your ‘not a van’–eat some cold bologna, and get back to monitoring me! I CANT HEAR YOU, outside my yard right now–what gives? Maybe thoughts of your wife banging some “other person” while you wank it to thoughts about “me”–or your husband being every bit as cuckolded and useless as he is, compared to your ornate fantasies of “me”–the “me” that you have tried to manufacture–the “me” that you have tried, in your own way, to manifest–without once, ever actually speaking to, or showing any form of human respect to in any sense of the word over these decades.

Sniffing my crack is what for you constitutes what you THINK I am.(remember your last jibes? I do “my ass itches”–and I saved the note, for “posterity” too… Objectified, police pornography addicts, preying upon the peaceful, and the unarmed…overpaid wankers.

Dickless morons. Hey–lets have a beer sometime? And then, maybe by random chance someone will walk in, and shoot your face off, like all those times you connived someone to taser me in the back for “national security” interests with promotion potential, or covertly otherwise assault me late at night. Or not–because i can spot a gun or a cop from days away (your here, now, right?)

Of course–it wouldn’t be me doing such things, because I am  a non-gun owner; non-violent, never took a first punch in my life on ANYONE–and I am always unarmed(can you even imagine being unarmed, you cowardly stalkers? It is the bravest, most difficult thing you will ever do)–AND I have the three cheek rule–even with the stalkers, and provocateurs that  you send to punch me in the back of the head!

Cowards–decades of trying to set me up…I hope someone shoots your face off sometime. Have your wife/husband kiss that mess….but I would shit in the hole that’s left, knowing that I added substance to the otherwise empty, jingoism riddled, predatory, fascist, truly freedom hating, anti-American void that is your sense of ‘self’.

Cheers! Brain soup for everyone! You smart asses. Your crimes increase the GNP and re-create the illusion that what you do to innocent people has valid security interests. Yeah, wutever.

I sleep well lately, despite you.